Retirement has changed a great deal in just one generation.  Many are now choosing to live somewhere other than the United States for a multitude of reasons.  The cost of living is a very important consideration but also a rich life filled with other like-minded people, travel, physical and intellectual pursuits and opportunities for growth also play rolls.

Many think about maintaining a budget along with lifestyle choices to create a good balance.  A great deal of the best options are outside the US.  During October 2017 US News & World Report Money released their top retirement havens and Mexico made the top ten.

At number nine it’s the closest country to the United States in the report.  Mexico is historically one of the most recognized retirement meccas for Americans.  It continues to offer some of the best coastal living and retirement options in the Americas.  Puerto Vallarta is the number-one choice for an affordable life of luxury on the Pacific.  A couple can enjoy a five-star retirement in this beautiful and romantic coastal town of marinas, golf courses, yacht clubs, and fine dining on a budget of as little as $2,500 per month or even a bit less.

“When we first got here, we were very impressed with all the things that Puerto Vallarta has to offer,” says Sara Wise, she lives full-time in PV, “We had been living and cruising for a number of years on our boat and you become accustomed to hauling your things from a grocery store or buying your groceries from the back end of a truck but Puerto Vallarta has Sam’s and Wal-Mart and they were building a new Costco and Home Depot had just opened and to us, those things were very important, especially when we were looking to sell the boat and settle down again.”  Sara and her husband have been living permanently in PV since 2006.  Medical care and affordable housing are also available in the Puerto Vallarta area.

The US News report sites many parts of the globe including France, Italy, Thailand and Malaysia.  But if you want to live a good deal closer to family and friends still remaining in the US, consider living out your golden years under the golden sun in Puerto Vallarta.

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